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Insurance and Payment

As we are a new business, the office is still in the process of getting credentialed with insurance companies. This process can take as long as 6 months! The list below includes the insurance companies to which we have applied. This list will be updated as soon as the office and insurance company have an agreement. 

The temporary fee schedule is as follows: patients who have seen Dr. Bardsley either in the current practice or at her previous practice are considered follow up: $100; patients new to Dr. Bardsley: $200. This is more than most families would pay if we were in network with insurance, but less than would be charged based on time spent and usual fees for a specialist, and is designed to provide continuity of care and access while waiting for credentialing with insurance. If the follow up fee is prohibitive, please discuss with the office.

In Network:

When/if we are “In Network” at the time of your appointment, your copay will be collected and we will submit the remainder of the charge to your insurance company. Each insurance company will determines the fee payable to our practice for the visit type. Depending on your insurance company, your plan, your deductible, and time of year, you may be responsible for anywhere from nothing to the entire fee.  

We are currently credentialed with the following insurance companies (as of 2/6/2019) :

  • Blue Shield (IBC is not always combined with Blue Shield, despite the name…)

  • United

  • Medicaid (only yellow card so far…)

  • UPMC

  • Expect Aetna by February 15, to be confirmed

  • Cigna

Out of Network: 

At the time of your appointment, if your insurance has not yet approved our office as an in-network provider but your child needs to be seen, you may still be seen and pay the out-of-pocket visit fee. In some cases, you may still receive reimbursement if you have out-of-network benefits and you submit your bill to your insurance.

We hope to be credentialed soon with the following insurance companies, but they continue to be Out of Network:

  • Independence Blue Cross

  • Coresource

  • Coventry

  • Private Healthcare Systems

  • Devon Healthcare

  • Tricare

  • Access

    • Aetna Better Health

    • Keystone First

    • Gateway Health Plan

    • Geisinger Heatlh Plan

    • Health Partners

    • Amerihealth

    • United Healthcare Community

    • NJ, Delaware, Maryland Medicaid

If you do not see your insurance on the list and would like to request that we take that insurance, please let us know!


We consider mental health to be an important aspect of our patients' care, and as such we will screen for depression once your child reaches adolescent age.