Useful Links

The MAGIC Foundation is a foundation created by families for families. The aim of this organization is to provide support and information for the families of children with conditions or genetic differences that affect growth. 

The Pediatric Endocrine Society (PES) is the professional society whose members include United States board certified pediatric endocrinologists and trainees and whose mission is to advance and promote the endocrine health of children and adolescents. This link will give you access to patient education fact sheets, most recently updated in 2018.

Information about Growth Hormone. GH: how it works, treatment benefits and side effects

Genetic Testing through Blueprint Genetics - If the patient responsibility is greater than $100, you will receive a call from the Financial Assistance Program to discuss. Billing policy click here or call 650-452-9340 with questions. The Blueprint consent form needs to be filled in and emailed to our office at - click here for the consent.

Klinefelter syndrome: Living with XXY



Medtronic MiniMed: to find out information about this pump click here. For questions about coverage, more information, or a live demonstration, contact our territory manager, at 610–247–5984. Carelink personal link. Once you set up a personal account, we can either send you an invitation via email to connect with the practice, or you can provide your carelink personal username and password to link to our practice. This will link pump information and/or cgms data.

With the Guardian Connect CGMS: difference from Dexcom is that it can customize alerts. Will go to phone and can share.

Omnipod: link to check insurance coverage. Enter child's name, but parent contact info. When you send this form to Omnipod, you will be send another form where you will be asked to fill out more information and send through a secure link. If you prefer to submit with paper, click this link. Once this is submitted, you will receive a call about coverage. If you are covered, next you will receive a call from Andy Holder, who is the territory manager. He will let you know the next steps to get started! You may also contact Andy at 610–999–6312. For more information about Omnipod click here and videos click here. The new touch screen Dash is coming out in 2019 and will allow more precise insulin to carb ratios, you can enter your meal with CalorieKing library which is on the pump, it will have even lower basal rates for infants, and caregivers view pump data remotely on cell phone.

Glooko ProConnect Code is mbardsleymd


Calorie King is a useful resource for calorie, fat and carbohydrate counts.

INPEN: is like a pump but in a pen! click here for more information.

LABS: find hours and locations of labs: Quest Diagnostics , LabCorp, Main Line Health , click here to find out if your insurance covers Labcorp

IMAGING CENTERS: CHOP Imaging Center King of Prussia, Main Line Health

PEDIATRIC CENTERED URGENT CARE: Here are links to pediatric urgent care and pediatric emergency care centers where there is a pediatrician on staff: CHOP Urgent Care, Advocare/Nemours Cherry Hill Urgent Care, CHOP Emergency Department, Bryn Mawr Pediatric Emergency Department

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